Migraine Study

All enrollees will be compensated for time and travel, will receive free study medication and medical care!

Do you suffer from Migraines? Are you 18+ years old?

If so, you may qualify for a clinical trial using a new class of Migraine Medication to test its ability to eliminate Migraines from occurring.

We are currently enrolling for this study from our Blue Island location!

  • You must be 18+ years of age
  • You must have a history of Migraines
  • Willingness to follow all terms of the protocol including taking a new class of medication

The following will exclude you from participating:

  • You are pregnant or nursing

All enrollees will be compensated for time and travel, will receive free study medication and medical care!

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission: to provide a comprehensive clinical research services to advance the science of medicine. Our dedicated and experienced medical professionals conduct human clinical research with compassion and respect for our research participants. We deliver timely, accurate data that ultimately enhances the drug development process and improves people’s lives through the advancement of safe and effective drug therapies.

Our Vision: excellence, innovation, compassion-setting the standard in clinical research.

Our Values: integrity, honesty, teamwork, people, quality, and accountability.

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To find out more information on the Migraines clinical study or to enroll, please fill out the brief form below and click Submit. One of our staff members will contact you shortly.  Or you can call us at our Blue Island location: (708) 388-2245.

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What is a Clinical Trial?

hrnClinical trials often involve patients with specific health conditions who then benefit from receiving otherwise unavailable treatments, free medical care and compensation for participation.

In planning a clinical trial, the sponsor or investigator first identifies the medication or device to be tested. In medical jargon, effectiveness is how well a treatment works in practice and efficacy is how well it works in a clinical trial.

In coordination with a panel of expert investigators (usually physicians well known for their publications and clinical experience), the sponsor decides what to compare the new agent with (one or more existing treatments or a placebo), and what kind of patients might benefit from the medication or device. If the sponsor cannot obtain enough patients with this specific disease or condition at one location, then investigators at other locations who can obtain the same kind of patients to receive the treatment would be recruited into the study.

During the clinical trial, the investigators: recruit patients with the predetermined characteristics, administer the treatment(s), and collect data on the patients’ health for a defined time period. These patients are volunteers and may be compensated for participating in clinical trials. These data include measurements like vital signs, concentration of the study drug in the blood, and whether the patient’s health improves or not. The researchers send the data to the trial sponsor, who then analyzes the pooled data using statistical tests.

While most clinical trials compare two medications or devices, some trials compare three or four medications, doses of medications, or devices against each other.

Benefits of Participating

Our clinical trials depend on volunteer participation. It is through the thousands of people who have participated in our clinical trials that new medications and therapies are able to be brought to market.

The bottom line is that by participating in a study at Healthcare Research Network, you can personally contribute to the advancement of global health care.

You will benefit in many ways as a participant:

  • You will receive a careful evaluation of your personal health, including your nutritional and mental status.
  •  This evaluation is provided at no cost to you.
  •  You will have the opportunity to receive new therapies before they are made available to the general public.
  •  Often, we will compensate you for your time and travel costs.
  •  The bottom line is that participating in a study at Healthcare Research Network is a way you can personally contribute to the advancement of global health care.